Exploring Seongsu, the mecca of pop-up stores in Seoul, Korea

Picture a place where old meets new, where boring warehouses transform into trendy hangouts, and where your shopping dreams can finally come true. If you love taking pictures of cool things and want an awesome Instagram feed, Seongsu is the place to be – it's Seoul's hippest neighborhood!

Seongsu is like a time-travel adventure where history dances with modern style. It's a dreamland for shopping, eating, and making your Instagram look super cool. You have to see it for yourself!

People have given Seongsu so many nicknames. Some say it's the "Brooklyn of Seoul," and others call it the "mecca of pop-up stores." It's like watching a magic show - once an old factory area, now it's a cool place to hang out. You can still find old-fashioned shoe shops, but there are also cool new stores and yummy restaurants.

And here's a fun fact: in 2022, Seongsu-dong was the Instagram star of Korea! Everyone was tagging it, making it the trendiest place to be. Famous brands and local favorites have all set up shop here, making it a fantastic place to shop. Plus, you can refuel at the cool cafes and restaurants serving tasty treats.

So, if you're looking for a magical blend of old and new, a place to shop, eat, and snap Instagram-worthy pics, come and explore Seongsu!

Here are some things you can do in Seongsu: 

Visit aesthetic cafes and bakeshops

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Participate on games, win prizes, and learn about the new products that brands promote on their pop-up stores and cafes

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Take photos alone or with friends with the trendy selfie booths

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Visit the idol themed pop-up stores where you can buy their merchandise, connect with other fans, or get a glimpse of their upcoming promotions

© Weverse - SEVENTEEN

Take a picture in the iconic Dior flagship store

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How to get there: 

Seongsu is conveniently connected to public transportation, with accessible stations such as Konkuk University (via Subway Line 2 or 7), Ttukseom Station (via Subway Line 2), and the Seongsu Station (via Subway Line 2).

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