EXO’s winter song “First Snow” becomes No. 1 On Melon’s Top 100

EXO’s popular winter song “First Snow” is being loved by everyone even this year. 

The b-side winter song of EXO titled “First Snow” re-enters Korean music charts yearly everytime the first snow occurs. The song became the theme song of Koreans whenever first snow arrives. This year, It did not only re-enter Korean charts but the song became the no.1 on Melon’s Top 100. 

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Despite many releases from newer K-Pop groups and other singers, EXO dominated the top spot of Melon’s Top 100 with their 20 year old song “First Snow.” 

“First Snow” is not only being loved in Korea but also globally. Aside from the song being the representative of winter, the song is currently the famous challenge in the social media platform Tiktok. Many local and international Tiktokers have danced to the challenge. Even K-Pop stars as well as SM Entertainment colleagues took on the challenge. 

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After EXO charted no.1 on Melon’s Top 100 for “First Snow,” almost all members of EXO also uploaded their take on the “First Snow” challenge. Member Lay was the first one to post his challenge days before it officially top the Melon chart. Member Sehun shared his first snow challenge a day before they topped the chart. Meanwhile, Suho and Chanyeol posted their challenge on their social medias respectively on the day they topped the charts. ChenBaekXi consisting of Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin danced and filmed together and posted their challenge. 

EXO’s song “First Snow” was first released back in 2013. It was part of EXO’s winter mini album titled “Miracles in December.” 

Aside from the song topping the chart, another achievement of EXO this year is becoming one of the two K-pop boy groups who have topped Melon Top 100 in 2023.

Congratulations to EXO and EXO-Ls!

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