EXO’s Sehun is the last member to enlist in the military 

EXO member Sehun announced that he will be enlisting in the military. 

Sehun will be fulfilling his military duties starting next week. He will be the last EXO member to enlist in the military. 

The EXO member shared a handwritten letter to EXO-Ls through the Weverse platform revealing his military plan. 

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Here’s the translation of EXO Sehun’s handwritten letter: 

Hello, this is Sehun. 

How is everyone doing? Are you guys taking care of your health?

I am writing this letter because there is something I want you guys to know. 

On December 21, I will be starting my military service. I feel bad that I am only letting EXO-Ls know this news late. 

These past few days, I’ve been spending time with myself and deeply contemplating. Because of this, I am letting you know the news (through a letter) without facing you. I hope you guys understand that I can’t greet you guys face to face. I am deeply grateful to the people who deeply care for me. 

I hope everyone will be healthy until we meet again. I will also do my best to return in good health. 

Thank you.

Sehun is the last member from EXO to enlist. Back in May 2023, member Kai began his military service. 

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The EXO member will be enlisting as a public service worker. Sehun will be discharged in September 2025. This means EXO will officially complete its military duties in 2025. 

This year, Sehun returned to acting with the K-drama “All That We Loved.” He worked alongside 

Jang Yeo Bin, Cho Jun Young, Jeon Yeong In, Song Jae Rim, and Jung Eugene. He was also active in all EXO and EXO-SC activities. He also participated in the latest variety program of EXO called “EXO's Ladder Season 4.”

We will wait for your return, our maknae Sehun!

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