EXID’s Hani will reportedly get married to her Psychiatrist boyfriend

Another K-pop idol is possibly getting married this year. 

EXID’s Hani and her long-term boyfriend Yang Jae Woong will reportedly get married this year. 

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Media sources reported that the couple has decided to step up their relationship and tie the knot in September of this year. 

Hani’s current label Sublime Artist Agency shared a brief response to the circulating wedding news. The agency shared, “We cannot comment on the circulating news because it is our artist’s private life.”

Even after several news outlets released the marriage news, Hani and Yang Jae Woong haven’t responded to it. 

Hani and Yang Jae Woong confirmed their relationship in June 2022. This year marks the fourth year of Hani and Yang Jae Woong being a couple. 

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Despite the 10-year age gap, Hani and Yang Jae Woong received a warm response about their relationship. Fans and even the netizens are supportive of their relationship. The couple also shares sweet moments from time to time on their personal social media pages. 

Hani started her career in the industry in 2011. She was introduced to the public as a member of the K-pop girl group EXID. The group continued promoting for three years and was already considered a flop group. In 2014, a miracle happened to the group all thanks to Hani. While EXID was promoting their song “Up And Down,” Hani’s fancam performing the song went viral. This started the stardom of EXID. Aside from EXID activities, Hani also began pursuing her acting projects. 

In 2023, Hani was part of the K-drama “Call It Love” with Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, Sung Joon, Kim Ye Won, and Jun Suk Ho. She is also known for being one of the cast of the series "Hit the Spot," "Idol: The Coup," "You Raise Me Up," "How to Be Thirty," and more. 

Meanwhile, Hani’s boyfriend Yang Jae Woong is known to be a Psychiatrist. Aside from being a Psychiatrist, he also appears in various shows as a panelist. He appeared in the variety shows “Young Doctors,” “Master in the House Season 2,” “Heart Signal Season 3,” and more. 

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