Essential Apps You Should Download Before Your Korea Trip

Before embarking on your dream trip to Korea, it's advisable to download these essential apps to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey!

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Check out these essential apps you should get before you travel: 

Navigation: Naver Maps or KakaoMap

Unlike some other countries where Google Maps is sufficient, South Korea benefits from using specialized navigation tools. For accurate and detailed directions, it's recommended to choose either Naver Maps or KakaoMap. These advanced apps not only offer real-time traffic updates and pedestrian-friendly routes but also provide detailed maps that cover even the most remote areas of the country. Importantly, both apps support the English language, making them user-friendly for foreigners. 

Translation: Papago

While many Koreans are proficient in English, there may still be instances where communication barriers arise. It's advisable to be prepared with a reliable translator. The Papago translation app is recommended for its seamless translation of text, voice, and images between Korean and English. This versatile tool can be employed for various purposes, such as translating menus, placing food orders, conversing with older individuals, and more.

Transportation: KakaoTaxi

For seamless and convenient transportation between locations, consider using KakaoTaxi, a service just like Uber and Grab in other countries. With just a few taps, KakaoTaxi enables you to easily hail taxis, ensuring a hassle-free journey to your destinations.

Food Delivery: Shuttle

If you're looking to have food delivered to your hotel or accommodation, the Shuttle app is an excellent choice. While Koreans typically use Coupang or Baemin, these apps require a Korean phone number and credit card. In contrast, the Shuttle app accepts cash or foreign credit cards and is available in English for added convenience.

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Travel Information: VisitKorea

For comprehensive details on tourist attractions, local events, restaurant suggestions, and more, be sure to explore VisitKorea, the official tourism app provided by the Korea Tourism Organization.

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