Elevate your jjajangmyeon game with these creative recipes

There are many excellent foods to try when it comes to Korean cuisine. One of them is Jjajangmyeon (자장면), a beloved Korean-Chinese fusion noodle dish smothered in a flavorful black bean sauce. This dish has gained worldwide popularity due to its delightful taste.

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Jjajangmyeon is a Korean noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang, diced pork, and vegetables. The history of Jjajangmyeon traces back to Incheon, Korea, where Chinese immigrants began preparing a similar dish called zhajiangmian, which consists of noodles with a fried bean sauce, during the late 19th century.

Jjajang comes from the Chinese word zhájiàng (炸醬), which translates to "fried sauce." Myeon (면) simply means "noodles" in Korean.

Although the traditional way of making jjajangmyeon is undoubtedly tasty, there are plenty of exciting ways to savor this dish beyond the usual recipe. Here are some fun and imaginative ways to enjoy jjajangmyeon:

Instant Jjajangmyeon + Neoguri = Jjapaguri

Instead of eating instant jjajangmyeon alone, why not combine it with another famous noodle brand neoguri? This combination was popularized worldwide through the hit Korean film “Parasite.” To make the dish more fancy, add Korean beef! 

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-GA8-E_Xko

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MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Truffle Jjajang Ramyeon

In 2019, Hwasa created a craze with her unique recipe for an instant jjajangmyeon. She unusually cooked the instant jjajangmyeon by not throwing out the water and waiting for it to boil down. When it’s almost ready, she adds truffle oil instead of the olive oil that was included in the original packaging of the instant jjajangmyeon.

Another option is to place an egg yolk on top of the finished truffle jjajang ramyeon.

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbmr_f0JCxI

Sung Hoon’s Jjajang Ramyeon cooked in milk

You can also try the recipe of actor Sung Hoon which was also mentioned in the clip. If you like the rose pasta, you can follow Sung Hoon’s recipe. After cooking the noodles in water, dump the water then add milk, canned tuna, and the instant jjajangmyeon sauce. 

Kang Daniel’s spicy jjajangmyeon paired with gummy bears

Instead of pairing jjajangmyeon with the usual fried foods like dumplings, tangsuyuk (crispy deep-fried pork), egg, and the like, Kang Daniel eats his instant spicy jjajangmyeon together with gummy bears. It may seem weird at first, but the gummy bears make the dish less spicy.

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgF8TPVVcCQ

If you're in the mood for some jjajangmyeon, why not give these tasty twists a shot? Whether you love the classic version or you're feeling a bit adventurous, these ideas will make your taste buds happy and leave you wanting more of this fantastic dish.

And guess what? Getting your hands on an instant jjajangmyeon is super easy with our curated selection of Korean goodies. Interested? Find out more right here.

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