Current Winter Trends in Korea

As the winter season sets in Korea, it's essential to be well-prepared for both the weather and the local fashion scene. When traveling to Korea this winter, not only should you anticipate the chilly temperatures, but you should also aim to stay on trend like the locals. Consider incorporating fashionable winter attire and accessories into your wardrobe to seamlessly blend in with the vibrant and dynamic fashion culture of Korea during this time of the year. From cozy outerwear to stylish accessories, embracing the seasonal trends will not only keep you warm but also help you immerse yourself in the unique and ever-evolving fashion landscape of the country.

Here are the current winter trends in South Korea: 

UGG Shoes

© UGG Korea

UGG shoes were popular last year, and the trend continues to thrive this year. K-Pop idols are frequently spotted donning them with their casual outfits, and it's not uncommon to see many locals embracing this trend as well. The enduring popularity of UGG shoes suggests that they remain a fashionable choice for both celebrities and the general public.

Balaclava Hat

© SM Entertainment

If you've caught a glimpse of the Red Velvet hats featured in their Chill Kill promotions, you'll know that these hats are presently the craze in Korea. What's appealing about this trend is that it not only adds a touch of cuteness or trendiness to your look but also serves the practical purpose of keeping you warm in Korea's challenging winter conditions.

Leg Warmers

© Source Music

Another prevalent trend easily observed on K-Pop idols is the use of leg warmers. Even in the face of the severe winter weather, Koreans continue to embrace skirts. Leg warmers not only keep you warm but also add a touch of cuteness to your winter OOTD.

Thick Scarf

© Starship Entertainment 

Each winter, a scarf is not just a fashion accessory but an essential item. This season, the trendy scarf in Korea is the thick-style variety. Additionally, there is an ongoing trend in exploring different ways to wear these scarves.

Crop Puffer Jackets/Vests 

© SM Entertainment

Surprisingly, the long padding trend in Korea has come to an end. The current fashion preference leans towards crop puffer jackets or vests. Moreover, there has been a shift away from black and muted colors, with bright and pastel crop puffer jackets becoming the latest trend among Koreans.

These represent only a few of the ongoing winter trends. Explore the fashion choices of your favorite Korean celebrities for further insights into the latest styles. Ensure your outfit not only aligns with the trends but also provides warmth, considering the chilly weather in Korea.

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