Chungha is set to return with new music after almost two years


Chungha is finally returning with new music through her new agency! 

At the start of this week, it was reported that Chungha will finally release a new song and have her grand comeback in March. 

Chungha’s new agency MORE VISION then responded to the circulating reports. According to the agency, “Chungha is currently in preparation stages for her comeback which is scheduled to be released in March.” 


With this confirmation, Chungha will finally make her comeback after one year and eight months. This will also be her first comeback now that she is under MORE VISION. 

In October of last year, MORE VISION announced that Chungha is the latest addition to their family. The agency was founded by singer Jay Park. Chungha left her first agency MNH Entertainment in April of the same year after being with them for seven years. 


The last music release of Chungha was in July 2022 with her second full-length album titled “Bare&Rare Pt. 1.”

After her last comeback in MNH Entertainment, Chungha was not as active as before. She was only seen in minimal events. When she signed with MORE VISION, many anticipated that Chungha would release new music sooner. After just five months of being part of the new agency, Chungha will finally meet her fans and share new music. 

Chungha became known to the public through the survival program “Produce 101” in 2016. She became a member of the project group I.O.I until 2017. After the project group ended, her former agency debuted her as a solo artist. Chungha became one of the most successful members of I.O.I. 

As a solo artist, Chungha had several hit songs such as “Gotta Go,” “Roller Coaster,” and more. 

Many are already anticipating Chungha’s comeback and how good her chemistry will be with MORE VISION in terms of music.

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