"Chicken Nugget": A Netflix K-Drama That's Got Us Drooling

Have you checked out the Netflix original K-drama called "Chicken Nugget"? It features top stars like Ryu Seung Ryong, Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim Nam Hee.

Unlike typical webtoon-based K-dramas, "Chicken Nugget" is delightfully odd, yet strangely addictive. The story follows Mina, who mysteriously transforms into a "Chicken Nugget" after using a machine. Her father and his company's intern embark on a mission to restore her to her normal self.

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From the first episode, you'll find the series peculiar but amusing, compelling you to keep watching. And oddly enough, you'll develop a craving for the "Chicken Nugget" itself.

In the drama, the "Chicken Nugget" isn't the familiar Western fast-food version; it's actually a Dakgangjeong (닭강정), a Korean crispy fried chicken coated in a sweet, tangy, and spicy sauce.

The story originated from a Korean webtoon called "Dakgangjeong." However, since the K-drama was distributed worldwide on Netflix, its English title became "Chicken Nugget."

In the series, Ryu Seung Ryong and Ahn Jae Hyung play the main roles, taking care of Mina (played by Kim Yoo Jung), who has transformed into a "Chicken Nugget." Surprisingly, instead of empathizing with their characters, many viewers found themselves craving and ordering the same "Chicken Nugget," which is actually a Dakgangjeong (닭강정).

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If you, like many others, found yourself longing for the "Chicken Nugget" while watching the K-drama, we recommend trying out popular Korean chicken shops (easily accessible in Seoul) that offer the classic Dakgangjeong, similar to the ones featured in the series.

*Some of these brands are even available outside Korea

Pelicana Chicken

Mexicana Chicken

Mom’s Touch

BHC Chicken


If you're not up for a whole box of Dakgangjeong, don’t worry because you can still give it a try. Simply stroll through the shopping streets in Korea, where you'll often find stalls selling cups of Dakgangjeong. Alternatively, you can visit the markets, where you'll typically find a lady (ahjumma) selling the chicken.

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