Celebrate New Year in South Korea

As we countdown to 2024, consider celebrating in South Korea with unique traditions and experiences that will make your New Year truly special.

Experience Fireworks Displays and Grand Countdowns

Experience spectacular fireworks in multiple locations across Seoul. The Bosingak Bell-Ringing Ceremony near Jongno, featuring a stunning show after the 33rd bell tolls at midnight, is iconic. Enjoy panoramic views at N Seoul Tower with the Han River reflecting the dazzling display. Other options include fireworks shows at Lotte Tower Mall, Everland, and more.

Join the tradition at the Bosingak Bell

© Seoul Metropolitan Government

Join a centuries-old tradition by ringing in the New Year at the Bosingak Bell in central Seoul. Witness the ceremony where 16 people, including the Mayor of Seoul, ring the bell 33 times at midnight, symbolizing prosperity and good luck for the coming year.

Be with your favorite K-Pop Idols at a Year-End Gayo Festival

© MBC 

If you're into a lively atmosphere, head to the MBC Year-End Gayo Festival. Unlike other broadcast stations, MBC usually falls to their Gayo Festival at year's end. This star-studded event showcases electrifying performances by K-Pop's biggest names. Dance your way into the new year with dazzling lights, synchronized choreography, and infectious energy. Watch it live or join the fun online with your favorite K-Pop stars.

Welcome the First Sunrise at Different Beaches

© Visit Korea 

For a spiritual experience, join crowds at different Korean beaches to witness the first sunrise of the year. This symbolizes new beginnings and hope. You can visit Pohang, Busan, Gyeongju, Jeju, and more. There are a lot of New Year Sunrise tours available. Enjoy cultural performances, free tteokguk (traditional rice cake soup), and release wishes into the sky with vibrant lanterns.

Bonus Tip:

Don't forget to indulge in delicious Korean New Year's food like tteokguk, japchae, and kimchi pancakes. For good luck, participate in the Korean New Year tradition called the sebae ritual where younger family members bow to their elders.

We hope you will enjoy all these New Year activities on your visit to South Korea!

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