BTS RM reveals his relationship status to fans

BTS leader RM also speaks up about his relationship status. 

In the recent live broadcast of RM on the communication platform Weverse, the BTS member officially addressed his dating status to his fans ARMYs. 

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Just like Jungkook who personally revealed that he is not in a romantic relationship right now, RM also honestly revealed his status. 

On the live broadcast, an ARMY asked RM, “Please introduce your girlfriend to us,” to which RM gave his honest answer, “I would really love to. But currently, I am not seeing anyone.” He then jokingly added, “If you know someone, can you set me up with them?” 

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Just this year, BTS members have been bombarded with several dating rumors. Earlier this year, BTS member V was embroiled yet again in dating rumors with BLACKPINK Jennie and that they were allegedly spotted having their time alone in Paris. In which, both their agencies did not confirm or deny as it was their private lives. 

Just last month, Jungkook became a victim of fake dating news. Jungkook then firmly denied that he is currently in a relationship. The BTS member also reassured fans that ARMYs are all he need. 

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed through “Jimin’s Production Diary” teaser that RM is helping Jimin in producing his solo album. 

BTS is currently pursuing their solo endeavors while members Jin, Suga, and J-Hope are fulfilling their military duties. According to HYBE, more details about RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook’s military enlistment plans will be revealed before the end of 2023. 

RM is expected to release his new project before he also begins his military enlistment. His last solo music project was last May when he featured in Colde’s new track “Don't Ever Say Love Me.”

Are you glad about BTS RM’s current relationship status?


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