BTS Jungkook personally addresses the dating rumors circulating in China

BTS member Jungkook had enough of the circulating dating news, so he addressed the issue to his fans. 

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Recently on the Chinese social media application Weibo, rumors were circulating that Jungkook is currently dating and the woman is possibly pregnant. A video allegedly showing Jungkook with her rumored girlfriend was quickly spread. The rumor escalated quickly and reached international and local fans. 

With this, Jungkok personally denied the dating rumors. It is not common for K-pop stars to directly address the dating rumors they were involved in but the BTS member still decided to clarify the issue. 

On October 2, Jungkook held a live broadcast on Stationhead. He decided to clarify the issue directly through the broadcast. 

Jungkook revealed, “I want to clarify something because I’ve been seeing comments about it. I am not dating anyone right now. I don’t have a girlfriend. Right now, I’m only focusing on my work so I don’t feel the need to be in a relationship. I don’t have a girlfriend so I hope that these talks will finally stop.” 

He then stated, “Yes right, I have a girlfriend and it’s ARMY. I only have ARMY now. Please stop mentioning it. Don’t worry because I only have ARMY. My eyes are only for ARMY, really, so stop worrying, okay?”

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Another good news for ARMY is that Jungkook will officially release his first-ever solo album. 

According to reports, Jungkook will reveal his first solo album titled “GOLDEN” on November 3 at 1 PM KST. The album will have a total of 11 songs including his pre-released tracks “Seven” (featuring Latto) and “3D” (featuring Jack Harlow).

Jungkook’s agency BIGHIT MUSIC also shared, “The upcoming album is inspired by Jungkook’s golden moments, him being the golden maknae of BTS, and being a solo artist.” ARMYs can anticipate the release of GOLDEN and the special performances of Jungkook in various programs.”

It was also recently confirmed that Jungkook will be appearing on the music program “Music Bank” on October 13. 

ARMYs, congratulations on your public relationship with Jungkook!

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