BTS Jungkook faces plagiarism accusation for his solo song "Seven"

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Despite the success of BTS member Jungkook, the artist still can’t avoid controversies.  

Just this week, Jungkook is facing accusations that his newly released song “Seven” plagiarized the song of the first-generation K-pop girl group Fin.K.L. According to reports, the major part of the song derived from Fin.K.L’s 2000 song “Time of Mask.” A news outlet also revealed that the composer of “Time of Mask” contacted the major producers of Hybe about the plagiarism issue. The composer sent a file stating that the two song has the same scale sequence.

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There were divided opinions from netizens about the issue.

Jungkook’s agency, Big Hit Music, officially gave their statement and clarified the issue to stop the false information.

A representative from Big Hit Music shared, “Jungkook’s solo song “Seven” was made through the hard work of five international composers. These people have no connection to the domestic song and album released 24 years ago.”

The agency reiterated, “The plagiarism accusations for the song ‘Seven’ is groundless.”

Jungkook released his solo song on July 14. The song became a favorite not only by ARMYs but also a hit to regular listeners worldwide. The song achieved several recognitions and even topped charts not only in Korea but all over the world. “Seven” has topped various charts like Billboard, Spotify, and more.

In Korea, Jungkook’s “Seven” got 9th wins on various music shows.

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Meanwhile, Jungkook’s birthday is a few days away, and his fans are preparing grandly for it. Birthday celebration advertisements will be in four major cities in the United States. Korea will also be filled with different advertisements for Jungkook’s special day.

Jungkook is busy with individual activities as a singer and a model for international brands.

Have you compared Jungkook’s “Seven” and Fin.K.L’s “Time of Mask”? What are your thoughts on the plagiarism accusation?

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