BTS Jungkook becomes a military cook

BTS member Jungkook’s role in the military is finally revealed. 

Jungkook shared an update on the fan messaging platform Weverse. The BTS member shared what he’s been up to and more. Jungkook stated, “ARMY, How are you? I am doing well. I am working hard on my exercise.” He added, “Lately, we are deep cleaning, even up to the ceilings.” 

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Through the Weverse update, Jungkook hinted about his position. Jungkook stated, “I’m cooking well.” Because of Jungkook’s statement, many fans speculate that the BTS member is currently doing the cooking role in the military. 

Industry insiders then confirmed the real position of Jungkook. According to them, Jungkook’s current role in the military is as a cook for his unit. This is his position after finishing the recruit training camp.

Jungkook’s cooking skills are not a secret to ARMYs. Even before he entered the military, Jungkook shared some of his great recipes with ARMYs through Wevers and even in his solo lives. The BTS member has shared his recipes such as cup noodle fried rice, bulgogi, and many more. 

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In December of 2023, Jungkook together with BTS member Jimin started their military duties. The two started their training at the Army 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center. Jungkook will finish his military duties on June 11, 2025.

Aside from Jungkook, another notable K-pop idol who also took on the cooking role in the military is none other than EXO member, D.O. In 2019, it was revealed that D.O. also showcased his cooking abilities in the military. 

Meanwhile, the No. 1 group in the world BTS is expected to reunite in June 2025. The seven members will officially complete their military enlistment by next year. 

ARMYs will have to wait for more than a year but when the group reunites, it is expected that BTS will release new music, and albums, and will possibly embark again with concert tours. 

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