BLACKPINK and their dating scandals in 2023

2023 is a roller coaster ride for BLACKPINK and their fans, BLINKs. It is the year of contract expiration, world tour concert, and also the year where each of the members’ private relationships are being exposed or questioned by the public.

It’s also not usual for a K-Pop group to get into headlines for each member’s dating scandals.

Back in April, everyone got shocked by the dating rumors of Rosé. A photo of her allegedly with a top Korean actor surfaced online. Many are shocked not only because this is the first-ever dating scandal of Rosé but also because she is getting linked to actor Kang Dong Won. It was a weird yet possible combination because the two never worked together on anything, but there’s also a possibility because they are both under YG Entertainment.

After several false reports spread, YG Entertainment officially denied the dating reports.

A little over a month, another BLACKPINK member is embroiled in a dating rumor. This time, it’s Jennie with BTS V. In August 2022, there were reports that the two were dating, but both their agencies decided not to comment on it. The agency reiterated that it is their artist’s private life. Last May, one netizen in Paris allegedly spotted the two having a date. Alleged photos of them rapidly circulated online. Meanwhile, Jennie and V did not respond to the second dating rumor of them.

A few months after, Lisa was the next target of the dating scandal. Speculations arose that Lisa and the son of the LVMH group, Frederic Arnault, are in a relationship. The rumors started after Lisa and Frederic Arnault were spotted on different occasions.

The rumors naturally died down as time passed by. Just this week, Lisa uploaded a photo of her vacation, and netizens once again connected it to Frederic Arnault. Many are speculating that the two are together with Frederic’s family. Although many rumors were circulating about Lisa’s relationship, YG Entertainment hasn’t given its take on the issue.

Last but not least is member Jisoo. Everyone knows about this, right? The only member that rapidly confirmed her relationship. Early in August, media outlet Dispatch revealed that Jisoo is dating actor Ahn Bo Hyun from the K-drama “See You In My 19th Life.” Unlike other dating reports, YG Entertainment rapidly confirmed the dating news. Many were shocked by the unusual combination of Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun. Although there is some criticism, many celebrated the newly revealed couple.

What are your thoughts on the dating scandals of BLACKPINK benign exposed to the public?

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