BB Girls (former Brave Girls) Youjung and actor Lee Kyu Han officially confirm their romantic relationship

BB Girls Youjung and actor Lee Kyu Han are confirmed to be dating.

Almost two months after the first dating report, Youjung and Lee Kyu Han finally admitted that they were in a romantic relationship.

On September 7, both their agencies officially confirmed the dating reports. Lee Kyu Han’s agency BLADE Entertainment shared, “It is true that Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls Youjung are dating. They are getting to know each other with positive feelings.”

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Youjung’s agency Warner Music Korea also confirmed the dating news. “Youjung and Lee Kyu Han are in a romantic relationship with positive feelings.”

Back in July this year, media outlet Sports Chosun reported that Youjung and Lee Kyu Han were dating. The reports stated that the two met in February at the KBS2’s variety program “Rustically: In the Secret Island” and their relationship developed into romance.

Later that day, both their agencies denied the dating issue and shared that they were only close colleagues and nothing more. They also revealed that the two are meeting privately but it’s always with their other friends.

In 2023, Lee Kyu Han starred in two K-dramas. He starred as Park Hyo Joo’s husband in “Battle for Happiness.” He was also included in the recently ended ENA K-drama “​​Longing for You” led by Na In Woo, Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yool, Bae Jong Ok, and, Jung Sang Hoon.

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Meanwhile, Youjung made a fresh start with Warner Music Korea this year. After leaving her past agency, all the members of Brave Girls including Youjung re-debuted. They are now called the BB Girls. In August, the girl group released their new music titled “One More Time.”

Lee Kyu Han and Youjung have an age gap of 11 years. The actor was born in 1980 while Youjung was born in 1991.

Congratulations to the new couple!

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