Actor Lee Sang Yeob confirms his marriage plans through his agency

Actor Lee Sang Yeob (40) joins the list of actors marrying this year. 

Media news outlet Sports Seoul released an exclusive report on September 25 headlining the marriage plans of actor Lee Sang Yeob. 

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On the morning of September 25, the media outlet revealed that Lee Sang Yeob is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend in March next year. They also revealed that the bride-to-be is known for her beauty. They also shared that the ceremony will be held somewhere in Seoul. 

The media outlet also revealed that Lee Sang Yeob has decided to keep their relationship secret in consideration of his non-celebrity girlfriend. It was also stated that the couple had already begun to inform their family and friends about their wedding plans. 

Lee Sang Yeob’s agency UB Management Group gave their official statement regarding the marriage reports. 

Here’s the translation of the agency’s official statement: 

Hello. We are from UB Management Group, the representative of actor Lee Sang Yeob. 

We would like to share our official position regarding the circulating marriage reports about our artist Lee Sang Yeob. 

Just like in the reports, it is true that Lee Sang Yeob has decided to get married in March of next year. He is currently in the preparation stage for their wedding with her non-celebrity bride-to-be. 

Because they are just the beginning of their preparations for the wedding, we ask for your understanding that we cannot reveal more information. We will let you know once the confirmed date is finalized. 

Thank you.

Lee Sang Yeob is currently leading the KBS series “My Lovely Boxer” with h Kim So Hye, Winner Kim Jin Woo, Park Ji Hwan, Kim Hyung Mook, and Ha Seung Ri. 

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It is also possible that Lee Sang Yeob will star in another K-drama before he ties the knot next year. There are reports that the actor will be the main lead of the upcoming action fantasy series titled “Genie, Earth.” He will reportedly work with APINK’s Jung Eun Ji in the new series. 

Congratulations to Lee Sang Yeob and his future wife!


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